Etsu Gin

Etsu is an ode to sharing and pleasure, inviting you to explore an ancestral Japanese know-how.


With their floral and balanced notes, Etsu is a range of four authentic, refreshing and delicate gins with a unique recipe.


Etsu means pleasure in Japanese!

Etsu invites you to a suspended moment outside of time.

Imagine yourself for a moment, strolling through a Zen garden. In your hand, an old postcard, illustrated by a Geisha, inviting you to a unique experience, that of discovering an ancestral know-how and recipe. In the shade of a sakura tree in bloom, you see the master distiller delicately pouring the precious Etsu liquid into a porcelain cup. You join him, and already smell the delicate scent of zesty notes.

He tells you about the precious recipe handed down from generation to generation, the carefully selected botanicals, including the Japanese yuzu, and the precious know-how of maceration and distillation.

The immersion is total. Time is suspended.

The balance of the notes takes you on a journey of the senses where the pleasure of tasting dominates.

The end of the enchanted interlude approaches and closes in the heart of this Zen garden, leaving behind the unforgettable memory of this timeless moment.

Map Japan Etsu

Etsu range

Yuzu peel

Orange peel


Etsu Original

Made from ingredients some of which are only grown in Japan, Etsu offers a unique sensory journey in the land of the rising sun, between tradition and modernity.

Etsu Pacific Ocean Water

A surprising gin with an iodine flavour resulting from the water of the Pacific Ocean.

Etsu Double Orange

Japanese bitter orange peel brings a fresh, citrus flavour to this recipe.

Etsu Double Yuzu

Yuzu and matcha match perfectly in this gin with fresh and zesty notes.

Yuzu peel

Orange peel


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