Akita distillery

Discover the Akita distillery, home of Etsu Double Orange & Double Yuzu gins, where authenticity and excellence come together to create gins with fresh and perfectly balanced flavours.

The distillery

The island of Honshū in Japan is the largest of the four main islands of the archipelago.

It is home to the Akita distillery, which has taken advantage of the richness of the surrounding nature to produce Etsu Double Orange and Etsu Double Yuzu, exceptional gins.

The island is famous for its majestic mountains, rice terraces, cedar forests and crystal clear springs, which provide quality natural ingredients for spirits.
The proximity of the Ōu Mountains, the longest mountain range in Japan, provides an exceptionally pure water supply that brings freshness and delicacy to our recipes.

The Akita distillery is committed to respecting this nature by using local botanicals such as bitter orange peel, yuzu and matcha green tea.

Akita Distillery continues a thousand-year-old Japanese tradition by using carefully selected local ingredients to create unique gins of unparalleled quality, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and environmental preservation.


The Akita distillery innovates with these two gins with very marked aromatic profiles on the citrus fruits and whose botanical maceration lasts 7 days!


Attaching great importance to Japanese tradition, the distillery respects ancestral recipes, notably by using high quality local ingredients.


The master distillers of the Akita distillery have created Etsu Double Orange and Double Yuzu gins with refinement and respect for Japanese tradition. Thanks to their expertise in citrus maceration, these two fresh, citrus-flavoured gins are meticulously produced at the Akita distillery.

The process

Take a journey into the world of the Akita distillery and follow the meticulous process of making Etsu gins, from the selection of ingredients to the bottling, for a result of exceptional quality and perfect balance.


The botanicals are macerated for 7 days in sugar cane alcohol at 67°. The sugar cane alcohol brings an exceptional roundness to the Etsu gin.


The botanicals are removed from the alcohol which is reduced to 30° before distillation.


The gin is distilled once without the botanicals in a copper still. The alcohol then comes out at 65°.


The alcohol degree is reduced before filtration to 43° with water from the Ōu Mountains, the longest mountain range in Japan, which brings purity and freshness.


Before bottling, the gin is filtered through a fine mesh filter to remove impurities. Etsu is not chill-filtered to preserve all its flavour properties.

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